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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Behind crossbred and TERESA 11 hides a truly impossible to "frame" music. Mutant trip-hop meets classical music, contaminated ambient meets Kabuki traditional rhythms. All this topped with astonishing female Shamanic siren vocals and fantastic grand harp overlaps with Electrosound, able to sink your heart without mercy.

COVER ART: MiMi Records


>If you can imagine sight converted to sound, then you can see the album cover and the first track as One. This first track took me out to the Sahara desert, spread my consciousness far and wide. These people seem to know what they are doing. They are playing precise melodies and rhythms but invoking an ambient state of mind.I dont know where they got their Juju from. But I'm ready for more>
metaperl (2006)



ARTISTA :crossbred vs. teresa11
TÍTLE : The three suns exsist in this world
TYPE : Split EP
TIME : 20'16'
GENRE : Ambient


01. Get away from the sun   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Dance in dystopia (radio edit)   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Wake up in Africa   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Cover   [ front + back ]

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