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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: «Aktualisierung means 'Update', and is Kouhei Harada exercise into found sounds and glitch fabrications. 5 short pieces with low/hi key notes almost rustling in feedback generators and amplification errors. Bleeps finish the picture, indicating that an otherwise ancient machine is now starting to rest after years of intense labor.».
- Pedro Leitão

COVER ART: MiMi Records Foto: Kohei Harada

Very confortable sounds to the ears that relaxes the mind and make us wonder in our thought. The created environment it's a good one for reflection, although too short.

There is no auditive dominance leaded by drums or the sorts, but rather a bed in wich we lay down, close our eyes and go with the flow... visions of big and gray electronic cities appear frequently before me and when the track Fragments starts rolling, I get scared! A black shadow aproaches... A great care is needed if we are to avoid it.

In track Enzian, the black shadow disappears and in it's place appears some cheap restaurant that, even with some customers in sight, it's still a lonely place. I get sad as if life had played a horrible trick on me! I can't see colours, only grays...
- Miguel Marques



ARTISTA : Kohei Harada
TÍTLE : Aktualisierung
TIME : 15'51'
GENRE : Electronica/Ambient


01. Promenada   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Pfütze   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Kalter Dampf   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Fragment   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Enzian   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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