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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Noise isn't just a music genre, and it may not be genre at all. It may be a challenge against the impenetrability of sound itself.

Noise Concrete is Junjio Ono's solo project (who is better know as Gang Up On Against's vocalist). In this project he uses voice and day to day sounds recorded from cassette.

"60 days" is a trip in six spasms through the heart of an unknown war zone, where we are consumed in a demented symbiotic dance of the acidity and erosion of the human scream with the coldness of a machinal whisper.
"60 days" is being the only witness of a post-apocalyptic world with no room left for silence, where the ghost of noise is the norm, and where only the fittest can unveil the suttle melody of a mantra.

Music for hardened ears, bored with the easiness of music, who look for the temptation of an arid devious path, leading to a strange place.
- Hugo Filipe Lopes

COVER ART: MiMi Records



ARTISTA : NoiseConcrete
TÍTLE : 60 Days
TIME : 18'18'
GENRE : Noise


01.The tooth through which it runs   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. 60 Days pt1   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. A silent man   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. 60 Days pt2   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Consume a fish   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. 60 Days pt3   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Todas as faixas   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Capa   [ front + back ]

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