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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Tsuyoshi Nakamura moves in a dual world where the softness of velvet colored nostalgic dreams is interrupted by a sound sawing that feeds on that light and imprisions it in a labyrinth of voices, sometimes epic, sometimes soothing.

The agressive darkness that embraces us is not so much cold as it is disturbing. More, the psychedelic, sci-fi, disturbance is added through glaciar metalic rhythms and other sound manipulations of static and acid distortion of diverse speed and cadence: from the overwhelming maelstrom to the most languid beats that fit perfectly on the (sef imposed) trip-hop genre.

Using the two sides of the same coin, Tsuyoshi Nakamura shows us sequences that seem opposite, where the hauting plays with the harmonious and where schizophrenia is let eased by sweet and circular melody.

- Hugo Pedro

COVER ART: MiMi Records Photo: Chance Agrella



ARTISTA : Tsuyoshi Nakamura
TÍTLE : 2 to 4am
TIME : 27'18'
GENRE : Electronica


01. Deathchindonya   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. 1964   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Apple   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Himatsuri   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Sazanami   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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>> Capa   [ front + back ]

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