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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: C is a Portuguese Project that at first listen could easily fall into the trap of being categorized as dance music. If C was to be listened to as dance music, it would have to be the music that catalyzes a dance similar to the one of the shaman in his effort
to tune in with the spirit of the Earth; a fluid but
unpredictable dance, a-syncopated and borderline

If the effect of C has a carnal origin, it's cause is
one of absolute mecanicity.

The 5 tracks of the MindStreams EP explode with the pulsation of armies of machines flowing through out the subterranean of theworld, imposing their sometimes random, sometimesscientific rhythm, in a spontaneous and astonishing dynamic.
For us, human victims, the only thing left to do is to
allow for the flesh to be subjugated to the beats.

- Hugo Filipe Lopes

COVER ART: MiMi Records



TÍTLE : Mindstream
TIME : 18'50'
GENRE : Electronic


01. Spybee   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. t43   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. toyonac-1d   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. gh05t   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. darknet   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Todas as faixas   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Capa   [ front + back ]

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