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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: To the vastness of electronic music is overlaid the image of a distant music maker, a hermit, at times tormented by his very own schizophrenia. From this is possible to devine IDM's chief brand image: a certain cutting edge attitude which alienates more conservative listeners, and demands of it's followers practise and self-sacrificing discipline.

Nevertheless, there are those which oppose the mecanical coldness of these sounds by using confortable blankets of more humane and emotionally warm music. It is not only possible, as it is desirable, this side to electronic music as inumerous examples show us. This is one of those examples. Heinemann521, ou Shuho Hidaka, builds up confort by telling a story that in certain moments fills us with fresh air and lightness ("Trail" e " "Bathingpool") and in other moments shows us the drama of a tantalizing sadness, filled with distortion interwoven with cutting noise and overwhelming cries, all set in a crescendo ("Tear" e "Dailyroutines").

This crescendo, supported by harmonious arranjements and artful melodies, as well as the basic squeleton of some IDM, confers to "Barge" a balance that doesn't run out in two or three tracks, but maintains a train of sound, a path filled with beauty that we want to explore.

For listening with the rain in your window pane, or in your car in front of the ocean, "Barge" is a sensitive album.
- Hugo Pedro

COVER ART: MiMi Records


That's the stunning thing with label & www & music. You stumble from one label page to another and finally you find the diamond. As happend in this case - I never heard about this label MiMi from Portugal which is dedicated to portugese & japanese musicinas and their projects. Brandnew release on this label (pleeease check the backstock!) is this release from Heinemann521 aka Shuho Hidaka.

And it's a nice blend of dreamy melancholic jazz influenced music, which simply is wonderful. Definitely influenced by cut-up jazzers like Prefuse 73's Scott Herren or Four Tet, he produced such a intense album of cutting edge electronica jazz and idm. Thanks for releasing that one for free! Chapeau!
wundertunes (10.2007)

«A good electronica softronica tune from Heinemann521.»
- yamanotedreams (04.11.2007)

«Heinemann521 album might be classified Intelligent Dance Music - IDM. But that may be more an insult when you release such a varied album. With the arabic influence of tear and the slashed voices of night behaviour this is not some souless computer programmed album, its something more»
- sound-free (03.12.2007)



ARTISTA : Heinemann521
TÍTLE : Barge
TYPE : Album
TIME : 54'47'
GENRE : Electronic/Ambiental


01. fret   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. trail   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. tear   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. daily routines   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. bathing pool   [ DOWNLOAD ]
06. right behaviour   [ DOWNLOAD ]
07. brighten   [ DOWNLOAD ]
08. departure song   [ DOWNLOAD ]
09. reciprocal ocean   [ DOWNLOAD ]
10. same place, same way   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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