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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The innovation of Oculoss isn’t just the mere obvious reference of the abstract concept of Science Fiction, but, in a more subtle manner than that, it is the Space that its captivating sounds claim to grow, in a slow winding way.

The audition of Sound of An Acoustic Guitar is to experience the imperceptivity of a star like transfiguration: to be born out of the agitation of vacuum, to consolidate the physical existence and finally, to explode into vastness.

The record starts with the violence of the spasm of Creation, it goes through the languidness of warmth, and it progressively flows into the ultimate vertigo, without ever allowing control or consciousness.

For 17 minutes, the ethereal sounds of Oculoss promote the lie that something can exist eternally.
Hugo Filipe Lopes

COVER ART: oculoss



ARTISTA : oculoss
TÍTLE : Sound of an acoustic guitar
TIME : 16'54'
GENRE : Ambient


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