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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: There are rare days when the light which the sky feeds us creates doubts about the reality that the eye contemplates, days when time goes by without any trace of memory, days when we are risen above the mere material.

The universe of Kaede Mira allows us a glimpse of one of those days, when events arise in a loose manner, deprived of context and nexus, and exactly because of it we are driven by it.

Divertimento 1 is a collection of eclectic moments in peaceful co-existence: On one minute one can experiment a spring like drift through out a lonely field, and then suddenly everything turns into a complex web of urban hesitation, without any hint of contradiction, since the main line of this amalgam of moments is free of any logic.

18 minutes of spontaniety where the heavy meaning of time succumbs at the hands of juvenile acts that transcend the bars of routine.
- Hugo Filipe Lopes



<Con mucho de indietrónico la japonesa Kaede Mira nos presenta este “divertimento 1", pero encontramos otros elementos más experimentales, o mejor dicho de improvisación. Una música espontánea que se nutre de melodías de juguete desprovistas de contexto.>.
oirparacreer (09.12.2007)

« What would you expect from a release called Divertimento 1? Neoclassicism a la Hindemith or Stravinsky in his pre Serialism period? None of that is Kaede Mira’s release on the Mimi netlabel, which happens to go by this title, except for the remote connection of having studied the piano and practicing as a piano teacher. This is also emphasised by the cover art that could have orginated from a children’s book, displaying a child looking down from a bridge in contre jour with Art Nouveau like stylised flowers and butterflies gracing her hair.

Passpied, the introduction, appears to recapture the teaching lessons: patches of simple diatonic scales rub against each other, form random conflict rhythms and fade away, before another set of tones ascend the stereo panorama. This juxtaposition of events creates a kinky toyland atmosphere with glockenspiels, giant Hello Kitty dolls and pastel coloured heart wallpapers decorating the walls. More organised structures become apparent in Werdemunter, (”werde munter” is German for “perk up!” - with exclamation mark, since the phrase is meant as imperative) where single tones light up and are immediately echoed by all participating instruments. The transition between relaxation and contraction and the usage of sudden breaks culminates in the gentle call of a female voice. These voices will then multiply, join the tone chasing and on occasion form strange harmonies.

Kaede Mira Divertimento 1 backcoverIf there is something Kaede Mira manages to play out well, then it is the art of surprise: You cannot be sure what will follow next, just by the time you settled for a likely event to follow, something unexpected is happening and forces you to start all over again: For example in Madrigal, which begins with a shuffled, Motown-like piano theme. Just by the time you are prepared for the worst, like Ayumi Hamasaki chiming in with one of her Kitsch songs, the phrase is unexpectedly silenced by bubble noise and continues as scalar transposition afterwards, accompanied by gentle female voices with glassy noise as background. Easy listening in a room stuffed with cuddly toys, distorted mirrors, heart-shaped candles and the awareness that a soft, furry cat still has sharp claws she could dig into one’s flesh anytime.

Carelessly picks up the piano lessons impression from the beginning as intermission before Pavane provides a slightly disorganised, but nonetheless almost charming final with at times dissonant tone sequences interspersed by the piano. No doubt this scenary has a rather fragile nature and could fall apart anytime because of a sluggish gesture, a clumsy wording or just the humming of a fly landing on the tip of one’s nose. But the mixture and its underlying tension behind the facade of happiness sticks and I have to admit that I like the release a lot for its originality and strange charme»
- olliver (22.12.2007)

"Comment présenter ces miniatures musicales signés de la japonaiseKaede Mira sans parler de poésie, de liberté, de douceur. La demoiselle nous présente cinq petits bouts de musiques qui évoquent une journée d’été ensoleillé, un ciel bleu, une petit vent frais, une petite pluie rafraîchissante, et surtout beaucoup de tranquillité.
Cinq petits bouts de musique chuchotés à l’oreille comme une berceuse, construits avec des voix piano, quelques percussions, le tout des arrangements très libres. A déguster sans modération."

- Netlabels Revue (09.01.2008)

"Un magnifique album, dans la grande tradition electronica / Softronica japonaise, avec quelques influences jazzy feutrees..
On peut downloader sans problemes, vu que c'est un freeright et que c'est gratuit.... "

- yamanotedreams (10.01.2008)

«Kaede Mira - Divertimento 1 is like a small journey in the toy country; completely fine Easy Listening Electronica with kessen, playful Piano piano-und Xylophon melodies, which glide again and again in the abstract.
This release could serve a book of pictures such as Sleeping Yasuko Matsuyuki well as suitable musical Untermalung.»
The Crime in your coffeee (28.01.2008)



ARTISTA : Kaede Mira
TÍTLE : Divertimento 1
TIME : 16'12'
GENRE : Indietronica/Ambient


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04. Carlessly   [ DOWNLOAD ]
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