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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: TatsuMaki and NrV have been involved in music production, and noise-making, for quite some years now. A pioneer of the Portuguese industrial scene, TatsuMaki is one of Portugal’s leading industrial artists and has been making music since the 1980’s. NrV, who used to play with obscure hardcore bands, has been involved in electronic music for some time, too, and has already released on MiMi Records with his Post Mortem Reflex project. Together, they have been mixing drum’n’bass, industrial, electronic psychedelia and whatever crosses their twisted, yet creative, minds as VortexSoundTech.

“Terrorize the Old Man”, a 19’56’’-long piece seems to have been improvised by TatsuMaki and NrV in some dark long night in their hometown, Braga, a city paradoxically known for both its suffocating religious environment, courtesy of the Roman Catholic Church, and its often dangerous, sometimes outrageous, musical creativity. This is a long instrumental journey into places, both high and low, where one might not feel very comfortable. Obsessive rhythm patterns, heavy percussion and waves of sound come and go and drive the listener deeper into unknown territories where electronics rule supreme.

Whatever this is, it surely is not music you can easily listen to, but once you get immersed in this electronically-driven journey you will definitely want to com back for more.
João M. Gonçalves

DESIGN: MiMi Records     Ilustração: Maria Calafrio



ARTISTA : Tatsu Maki vs. NrV
TÍTLE : Terrorize the old man
TIME : 19'56'
GENRE : Experimental/Ambient


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