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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: "Lights" is a record which exists within self-confrontation.

Even though the dominating aesthetics seems to be Post-Rock, different and subtle layers coexist under that front.

It lives in confront because, although in an intangible manner, through every track runs a brutal force of tension that agravates with each crescendo, and it never diludes itself on the superficial placidity to where the music drives us.

This is a journey that begins in melodic territory underlined by clarividity; somewhere in the middle of the record a challenge to the listener arises with a long moment of abstraction. Eventually, it all exits and turns into warm sound waves that slowly build a wall and provide us with confort.

"The lights streaming through the sound" has no shame in collecting influences from different aesthetics, since it has the ability to assimilate the emocional similarity of them all, and, without ever getting caught by sheer repetition that is caracteristic of Post or Free music genres, offers us an interessting audition. "Lights" is captivating but not free of emotional provocation necessary to the continuity of the record beyond the first listening experience.
Hugo Filipe Lopes

DESIGN: MiMi Records Photo: Shinpei Kusuzaka


«Un superbe album pour rêver éveillé et marcher sur les trottoirs de votre patelin ou de votre ville de province ou de votre bled ou de votre cité, tout en se croyant dans une grande mégapole...»
- yamanotedreams (24.01.2008)

«i heavily recommend anyone to listen to this new netlabel release out on mimi. its postrock / shoegaze kind of stuff. probably one of their best releases since hakoneko's umi no drone.»
demojournal (24.01.2008)



ARTISTA : the lights streaming through the sound
TÍTLE : Lights
TIME : 27'14'
GENRE : Electronica/Shoegaze


01. India   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Lights   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Fragmentary Sounds   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Cold Sea   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Sunrise   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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