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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Ultra Fuckers are scum.
But if there is a thing that Ultra Fuckers have taught me, it’s that not all scum is bad. It’s actually quite the opposite!
This scum, led by Kawai Kazuki Langley, has come out of Osaka to show us their latest work. And they did it in the right time.

The EP starts with the screaming madness of ‘mars sky’ (madness seems to be a defining trait of Osakan musicians), that gives place to a minute and eighteen seconds of an ethereal harmonica of ‘evening after broke’.
Next up is ‘radio controlled scum’, sprayed with a bit of krautrock to achieve a 7/10 on the earworm scale.

The fourth track is ‘in the microwave’, which is the result of a risen-from-the-dead Edvard Grieg recomposing his ‘In the hall of the mountain king’ with a synthesizer and sitting on a chair spinning in an otherworldly velocity. And finally, you have ‘live20060409’ as a bonus, and it’s an extract from their exquisite live performances.
To sum it up: hooray for the scum!
Guilherme Bordeira

DESIGN: ultra fuckers



ARTIST : ultra fuckers
TÍTLE : Radio Controlled Scum
TIME : 13'48'
GENRE : Experimental/Rock


01. Mars Sky   [ DOWNLOAD ]
02. Evening after broke   [ DOWNLOAD ]
03. Radio controlled scum   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. In the microwave   [ DOWNLOAD ]
05. Live20060409   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> All tracks   [ DOWNLOAD ]

>> Cover   [ front + back ]

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