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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Sparagmos, a listener’s journey into dark ambient noise.

Track 1 gives us relentless waves of distorted noise upon waves of distorted for 2’45’’, when finally some percussive sounds can be clearly heard. The track then slows down and finishes after almost 5 minutes of dark ambient noise.

Track 2 starts in a quiet manner and track 1 now sounds like a [long] intro to this one. Voices [screams and what might be chants] muffled by noise intertwine with metallic noises for almost 6 minutes. This is, I must say, my personal favourite maybe due to its suggested, implicit grandeur.

Track 3 is the pièce de résistance here. This one is a long ride that starts with a percussive repetitive intro over which layers of both high pitched and low pitched noises are laid. Distortion is everywhere and suddenly the track moves to quiet end after over 10 minutes of oppressive dark ambient.

Track 4 is filled with a distorted voice, whose speech is unintelligible most of the time even though a few words can be understood (or maybe just guessed). Not enough to make anything of it, though. There’s talk of unrest (?), action, secret (?) the name of God and…? The track comes to an end with a murmur and some static.
João Gonçalves

DESIGN: Sparagmos



ARTIST : Sparagmos
TÍTLE : Visceral
TIME : 28'03'
GENRE : Industrial/Electronica


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03. Movement   [ DOWNLOAD ]
04. Wings carved in her back   [ DOWNLOAD ]

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