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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: In this 38 minute long session, LOLICOM - japanese project directed by Daisuke Miyatani - manages to steal our attention, presenting us an
uncompromising soundwork, something that is rare nowadays.

After the sounds images succeed, for by being uncompromising towards the music, one can freely enjoy it - as a viewer - inside a big japanese house in which the walls are nothing else than paper sheets (fusuma), letting the sounds roam without any filter.

Or, imagine that we are attending to a 38 minutes long electronic music performance, free improv. and fluid one like a wallpaper, sounding like drops of
water that remain after a summer rain.

38 minutes of an ambient mashup that mutates into some kind of poetry.


DESIGN: Shiori Sotozaki



ARTIST : Lolicom
TÍTLE : 2006 1 27
TIME : 38'14'
GENRE : Ambient/Improv


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