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BRiEF DESCRIPTION : Since 2003 Alektronick as been involved in several projects linked to music, as a DJ, an Event Organiser, an Artist's Manager, a Cultural Programmer and more recently as a Producer.

Speakeasy Productions, which he founded, is behind the realization of many cultural events in Portugal, exploring artistic concepts in fields such as Music, Cinema, Theatre, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Literature, Design and performances of various types.

Among the most important events organised are "MOSTRARTE FESTIVAL" , "FROM THE SPEAKERS WITH LOVE!!!" ,"BEAT ON BOAT" the release of McRuze's 1st album "1440 MINUTO A MINUTO" and "The 1st anniversary of SPEAKEASY PRODUCTIONS with THINKFREAK from SONICULTURE. SPEAKEASY FESTIVAL..and much more.

Webpage: http://www.myspace.com/alektronick


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- Liberez Le Monde (2013)

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