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BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Born from the ashes of Restos Mortais de Isabel, in 2004, Archétypo 120 were formed by António Macedo (portuguese and electric guitars, programming, bass) and Paulo Martins (portuguese and electric guitars, vocals, percussion, bass, programming, keyboard).

Recording their first set of songs during the summer of 2006, with the help of David Reis (of In Tempus and Phantom Vision), who recorded them and played some bass and percussions, and Pedro Morcego (of Phantom Vision), who recorded and produced them and played some bass and did some backing vocals, they relese the first promo during 2007 and a first full-length (live) during 2008.

During 2010 they see two of their songs included in two samplers, "D'Eux" (through Fatal Object) and "Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum - Winter Solstice MMX" (through Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum).

Presently, Archétypo 120 are working in a second and third set of songs, as well as an EP dedicated solely to cover versions.



- António Macedo
- Paulo Martins

- Obsession (self-released cdr)
- Obsession Promo CD
- First Whispers: Live at PlanoB, Porto
- V/A D'eax
- V/A Corpus Ignes Lignum Vita -
Obsession (2011)

- Keyboards
- Guitar

- Nothing to declare.

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