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BRiEF DESCRIPTION : He got into dj life around 98/99 after being an active witness to the birth of the electronic scene in Portugal. His reputation has been built on eclecticism and the ability to connect the dots between styles and influences, on a constant quest for, and reflection on, a balanced and healthier way of living the music. He knows how sensitive the work of dealing with personal energies through sound is, and you can find him slowly building sets into a cinematic feel, both in dancefloors or Chill-out rooms.

He´s worked with longtime running trance promoter Quest4Goa, the independent Womblabel, and played countless times in parties, festivals (4 editions of the legendary Boom Festival, Utopia, Sinergia Festival among others), after hours etc... With the advent of the internet, networking became a powerful tool for Gabi (as to many others) for sharing both his DJ and production work through podcasts, Soundcloud, and other platforms.

As Augen, he released one track on the dutch Spiritech Records, one remix for S.Francisco based producer and dj DF Tram and a couple of remixes for Aqob on Question of Time Records.

Gabi aims for musical inconformism and the search for mystery, surprise, and unusual sensations or emotions.



- Gabriel Mendes

- Kawaii (2012)

- Laptop
- Roland Mc-505
- Traktor
- Adobe Audition

- Nothing to declare

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