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BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Clima is a project that explores the aesthetics of glitch,IDM and post-techno inspired by Hyperfuturistic Cyberpunk Literature.

The author of Clima porpuse is to transport the listener to other places beyound the imagination with ethereal melodies, synthetic rhythms and Deep basslines with all kinds of virtual machines.

As a Multimedia artist, Clima create is own VST synths,Videos,Web content and also program code to generate machine beeps in c++ language.

One other curious fact in clima project is the hacking of old toys to make circuit bending and with this a ERROR generates weird original sounds.

C.Lima has been in the Lisbon rave scene since 1999 promoting free parties of all kind of styles like psytrance,drum&bass,etc.

This is Clima, this is future, Welcome.



- César Lima

- Eternal (2012)
- Loxodromia (2012)

- Laptop
- VST plugins
- Modified toys
- FX

- Nothing to declare.

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