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BRIEF DESCRIPTION : ... not doing anything special at the time, i went for a morning walk in my hometown. I was walking and staring at the floor when i found a little toy i had never seen, it was so small and yet it looked so powerful.

It was a little box with a small microphone attached to it and to my surprise it started to repeat every noise around me, i tried to shut it up but i could not do it, so i put it in my pocket and went my way.

Later on i went to work and i started to notice that the little toy i had found was translating every word from all the people around me, but to my surprise, it was something really different. They were not saying what they really meant. Strange, dont you think?... .

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- João Santos

- If I hug your sweaters will they (2008)
- "Kershe Remixed" V/A (2008)
- "Não resistir só e não só resistir" V/A (2006)
- "Frames (remixes & versions)" V/A (2005)
- "Puget Sound" V/A (2004)
- "Essay o a Media Catalog" V/A (2003)
- "True project" EP (2002)

- Laptop
- Guitar
- Beatbox
- Melódica
- Fender Rhodes
- Metalofone
- Toys
- Keyboard
- Imagination and fun

- 04.08 - Live @ Casa de los Jacintos (Madrid)

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