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BRiEF DESCRIPTION : Fureasteen were originally formed in London in 1993 by Tomokazu Date, who had previously played experimental music with Chez Holmes of Exit aka Nova.

At first Fureasteen were a four piece band of which only Tomokazu was an experienced musician ( he preferred using japanese art school students with enthusiasm for making their own music).

Each sunday they gathered in a small Kings Cross flat to record experimental music using a cheap synthesizer and Casiotone keyboards.

Eventually in 1997 the band gained the attention of i Records who released a 7" single "Kasiotelemusik".Not long after its release the band split up.

Nowadays, Tomakazu still makes music under the Fureasteen name.



- Tomokazu Date

- New Phase Dawning (2011)

- Experimental Archirect
- Kasiotelemusik (1997)

Casio Keyboards

- Nothing to declare

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