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BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Born in the UK in 1973, graduated in fine art, Dawn Mendonça is interested above all else in experimentation and creative progression.

Having experimented different media, namely painting, photography and writing, it was in music that she found the means of self expression that most identify with her creative needs.

The project Idiot Queen began in 2002. In its essence, electronic experimental with use of some real instruments and vocals, her music has progressed and advanced in different directions and sound sensibilities, finding resonance in collaborations with Frédéric Choudin in the project Idiot Queen and Frédéric Choudin (Portugal/France) initiated in 2007 and Bill Rivers in the project The Idiot Society (Portugal/UK) initiated in 2009.
Idiot Queen, with influences as diverse as progressive rock, jazz and world music, is essentially a rhythmic exploration of dissonance, collage, repetition and improvisation, approaching broad themes such as love and loss, the absurd and the divine.

Idiot Queen has performed live at FNAC Braga and Guimarães in 2011 with this last project The Idiot Society, with Bill Rivers in an acoustic performance of her poems.


Webpage: http://soundcloud.com/idiot-queen-1


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