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BRiEF DESCRIPTION : Domino decided to form a band in 2005 with the name Carnille. Initially it was formed with some members from other bands in common, and made the first appearance in February of 2006 in the 1st J-Rock event (J-Rock Party) in Portugal.

During the Summer of 2006, Karuniiru gave some concerts in events related with Japan, and on that same year and due to several divergences among the members of the band, the band split up and dominopawo continued alone with the project.

After three hard and long years, the band appears in end of 2009 with it's new line up, with a lot of will, courage and determination, and an entire new philosophy learned during the long crossing in the desert. The change also goes by the name, redrafting the transcription for Japanese of Karuniiru.

We wanted finally to show Karuniiru, the reborn of Carnille. Karuniiru plays music with a large influence in Metal and punk-noise-funk-alternative-nu-trash-progressive-industrial stuff. For all those that it has been supporting us along this years, cheers and thank you!! You deserve it.



- DominoPawo (Voz)
- Roku (Guitarra)
- Kuraru (Guitarra)
- Banzai (Baixo)
- Korosu (Bateria)

- Stupidity (2010)

- Guitar
- Bass
- Drums

- J-Rock Party concert (2006)
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