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BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Lili Hirakawa was born in 1975, south Japan. She almost spent a time for studying art until she was 20. After she left the school in 1998, she moved to London for no greater (or lesser) purpose than clubbing. After leaving the U.K., she continued to travel the world to encounter new people, new scenes, and new sounds (and to go to more parties). She now lives in Tokyo.

“Making music is like drawing a picture,” Lili says. “When I make a song, it’s like sketching the scene I see in my mind’s eye at that moment and then adding colors to it. The materials of my sound come from whatever I find in our environment — the air, the light, the water, the wind.”

Lili’s foremost belief is that nature and digital are closely entwined: both are essential for our lives and our future.

Webpage: www.myspace.com/peopleused2


- Lili Hirakawa

Spectrum (2008)
- Just In Sounds [James Bacon Remix]
- Right side up [Lili Hirakawa Deep House Remix]

- Logic
- Mac

- Nothing to declare

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