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Born in the same city of MiMi Records HQ, Momentum II comes from an oniric image of Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald,1925) in my mind as well as the stream of conscious, the impetus of creation and the suspention and fixation of images of love, innocence, nosthalgia, and internal noise, disruption, loops and breaks.

The paradise and the caos, entangled. The beauty behind and beyond the Noise. The concepts are retired mainly from literature, Psicanalysis Theory, Anthropology, dreams, life and memory in general.

Started with simple piano melodies and envolved into the field of Minimal Ambience, Industrial, Experimental, Electronic and Drone music.



- Mariana Ferreira (a.k.a. Momentum II)

- Earliest Songs on Innocence (2015)
- Énouement (2016)
- 'La Maladie de la Mort' (2016)
- Achaste metáforas nas feridas (2016)
- Night Cleaner (2016)
- Something About the Heart (2016)
- Rites of Passage (2016)
- From Dolls to Idols (2017)
- Pulsar by Momentum II X ON!GO (2017)
- Not a Victory March (2017)
- Impatience door (2018)
- The Phantom Limb Pain (2018)

- Personal Computer

- Nothing to declare

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