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BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Between the curtain falls a veil of illusion that hides the reality as the opposite to romanticism. The reality of negativity is presented as a celebration of opposites, from the Viseu valley to the streets of London, a meeting of adjacent currents that flow in the same direction.

Organic Anagram, the triptych of cultural events which Miguel Meruje continualy expands has been going on for four years and has several releases, both physical and through netlabels.

Organic Anagram takes shape in the fields of electronic, ambient, noise, dubstep and orchestral black metal, an innovation that lives of the relationship between stakeholders in this creation, without barriers, based on a DIY aesthetic.



- naoto Taguchi

- Untitled 9 Fragments... (2008)
- Forgotten Wokrs in the air (2009)

- iBook

- Nothing to declare.

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