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BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Necrostilet is a project which tries to aproach musical languages as, for an instance, electroacustic, dark ambient, and noise. The project was created by Tiago Morgado when he met Marco Ramos (Minson) at college. These two guys have met in college, and stated their music common interest which has lead them to make music together in the begining of 2007.

The character of the project is essentially to counterpoint two different conceptions of the world, existence, and life (that have although some points of contact) and its aesthetic conception result.

The name necrostilet, comes out from the idea that appeared on the early progressive-rock to give emphasis to the erotic content of the musical text of a song (as it appears in the music of the Greek band of the late '60s and early '70s, Aphrodite's Child).

First of all the depravation and violence archived to the human being, who is controlled by the technology and the human pleasure; in the other hand, the human insane, the technology chaos, the "industrial revolution", the human absorption by the machine, the destruction of the world lead us in an intergalactic travelling through the sound of this project, where them both try to appeal for a construction of a better world, through some sort of music activism.

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- Tiago Morgado: (live) electronics, production
- Marco Ramos: (live) electronics, aesthetic conception

From utero to space (2007)

as Minson:
- V.A. from Atlantic Coast (2006)
- Nile EP (2006)

- pc
- laptop
- edirol ua-101
- edirol pcr 80
- fame condenser mic

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