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BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Jerome Faria (b. 1983) started playing the piano at the age of 5. When he was 9 years old, he started playing the guitar. He joined his first band in Switzerland when he was 11, a punk rock band called The Pitchers. One year later, he moved to Portugal and when he turned 16 started playing the drums in a metal band called Loss.

Since then, he has been playing drums with many local bands that range from metal to pop rock and he has also contributed as a bass player, keyboardist and guitarist as guest musician or in side projects. He has played aside well-known portuguese bands such as UHF, Andre Indiana and The Gift.

In 2003, he started his own solo project called NNY which consists on experimental electronic music. He has released 2 EPs and one album through portuguese Netlabel's such as Enough Records, MiMi Records and Test Tube Records and also contributed with tracks for compilations by those same labels.

With NNY, he also played live aside bands such as @c, Hecker and Fennesz.

Webpage: http://nny.pixelnerve.com


- Jerome Faria


- OFFEAR EP (2004)
- Dark Vault (2004)

- [READ ERROR] (2005)
- ECT (2005)
- Saudade: V. A. From The Atlantic Coast (2006)
- COIL (2006)
- HYPHEMA (2007)
- NNY++ (2007)
- 0º (2009)

- Powerbook
- Other instruments

- madeira dig 07.12.05 + pygar, @c, hecker e fennesz, funchal.pt
- marginal 01.03.06, funchal.pt
- marginal 02.03.06, funchal.pt
- marginal 17.05.06, funchal.pt
- marginal 18.05.06, funchal.pt
- cns cafe 27.05.06, seixal.pt

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