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BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Puccini Rocks is the logical sequence initiated by the seminal The Pirilampo Mágico Project Overdrive (the greatest post-hawaiian-spektrum-rock band ever from Moreira da Maia) and by Cappuccino Herberto (side-project dedicated to the 2008 eurodance revival). Borned during a tertulia on the 30th day of November of 2006, Puccini Rocks soon were detached from the new-spektrum-kuduro Vermoim scene, when a fatwa was issued on the Cork Oak Borough noise-coninhas movement.

The legendary Puccini Rocks gigs consist on the four main members sitting behind a table clicking on the Winamp "play" button while DJ Revolution creates an hypnotic yo-yo based performance. Sometimes, Babas engages in violent confrontations with the crowd, gets grumbled and leaves to watch a Curling tournament on Eurosport.

Webpage : http://www.myspace.com/puccinirocks


- Luís Pato (vocals, programming, veganism)
- Babas (vocals, acoustic didgeridoo, PESoccer)
- Das (vocals, maracas, bar mitzvahs)
- Jonas Rambilla (keyboards, pancakes)
- DJ Revolution (yo-yo performance)

- The Pirlampo Mágico Project Overdrive EP (2004)
The Pirilampo Magico Project Sessions (2007)

- Voice
- Keyboards
- Guitar
- Samba Whistle
- Didjeridoo
- Laptop + Fruity Loops
- Cellphone Ringtones

2004 – Shooting of the still incomplete short film “The Pirlampo Mágico Project” begins.
2005 - “The Pirilampo Mágico Project” Original Soundtrack recording completed;
Shooting of the short film “Estranhos Casos Ocorrem” completed
2006 – Winners of the Award for Best Breakthrough Filmmakers at Fantasporto ’06 with the short film “Estranhos Casos Ocorrem”.
2007 – Luís Pato immigrates to a agricultural utopia in Finland; Rest of band invests on eurodance sonorities.

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