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BRiEF DESCRIPTION : Rarareruri is Eva Pereira's solo project which began in 2012, she is Portuguese. With no expectations or needs, that was how the project was slowly but surely developed, with dedication. Rarareruri is a pseudonym inspired by the Lalilulelo, the original name the Patriots called themselves on the game Metal Gear Solid.

Her childhood, being idyllic and surreal has consistently left her desiring to get involved in fantasy worlds, music and video games were her way to relive these experiences on a minor scale, as she consumed media she was persistently living in reality's limbo, laying down and drooling into her sofa, the physical display of how ingrained she was in these stories. Twenty years later this is still her.

Eva has an obsession for what is morally correct, social utopias and new artistic movements and their philosophies, pressing to transmit her reality from the threshold of the subconscious, lost in daydreams of mankind's future and possible evolutions, continuously deliberating on what could be better and on what she believes could be done to make so happen.

This state motivates her creativity, attempting dissertations about who she is and her experiences as truthfully as she can, motivated by the possibility of attaining deep personal enlightenment. She's prone to seek the truth and does so without hesitation, however, human like people and without a hint of grandness, she drools in her pillow still.

In 2012, music producing was the dream to conquer and she started creating it as a new way to express herself and her bittersweet life; Rarareruri was born.

Webpage: http://soundcloud.com/rarareruri


- Eva Pereira

- Weak Ankles (2012)

- Wet Pillow Syndrome (2015)

- Bass
- Keyboard
- Personal Computer

- Nothing to declare

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