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BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Born in Portugal and the daughter of Portuguese parents, Andreia Araújo is a girl who is dedicated to all things that a girl usually does: cars and dolls. Musically, Andreia is expressed through the alter ego Solange Palmeira, exploring electronic sounds, mixing them with sad and childish melodies.

Her songs don't have a temporal or rhythm pattern, but they electronically rely heavily in endless delays, feedbacks and layers of distortion. As if she puts a clean and simple song into a melting pot full of impurities and noise sounds.
Sadness is an ever-present in any of her songs. Which, in fact, makes sense. Not that she is not able to compose when things go well, but erverytime she busts into sorrow she searches music, and it is through that she reaches peace.

After his debut Ep "Marinheiro" released in 2010 by MPD (and therefore also available for free download), it is time to "Alface", a set of four subjects, four stages, four times, four stories with an unhappy ending.


Webpage: http://soundcloud.com/solangepalmeira


- Andreia Araújo

- Marinheiro (2011)
- Alface (2012)

- PC

- Nothing to declare.

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