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BRIEF DESCRIPTION : Hugo Paquete has making a research in visual arts and sound installation, exploring the complex relation between the man and the Real and its paradigms of language, perception and technology. Its workmanships carry-in the ones for a language purified and synthesized codes with the objective to portray an aesthetic of mental landscapes, trying a conceptualist relation with the objects. Where from the logic we reach the abstraction.
As a sound artist i have a interest in exploring the boundaries between the technological products and the understanding that we have from the physical sound experience as a "sculptural" and spacial sound elements that connect concerns like movement, mass, accumulation, disintegration and a element that exist in time and space as a physical and psychological element.
As a sound artist i explore this understanding of physical media, environments and space as a subject. the directives of perception.
in conclusion this research that i made is suspended in the notions of the communication process between emission and receptor and the disappearance of the massage in the social context, the boundaries between communication and anti communication art or noise.

Webpage: http://www.myspace.com/hugopaquete


- Hugo Paquete

- Disaffected (2007)

- Laptop
- Zoom Sampletrak
- Alesis airfx
- Alesis processors
- Frequency Analyzer Electro Harmonix
- Ibanez Digital delay
- Midi control

- Festival I.M.A.N 2005
- Menos Q zero bar 2005
- Maus hábitos 2006

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