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BRiEF DESCRIPTION : Subway Riders were founded in 1989 by Carlos Dias, an ex-member of Objectos Perdidos who saw In Victor Torpedo (Tédio Boys, Parkinsons), a true complicity to create the most radical project of the city.

Their songs are a mix of garage, pop, Freejazz, punk, noise or something yet to be defined. in the 90s they went against the mainstream of the musical scene in Coimbra that was a a strange mix of rock'n'roll and raves, and they came up with a sound that had no equal. Initially, they were a power trio, first with Antoine Pimentel (Belle Chase Hotel) on drums and later with Paulo Furtado (Tédio Boys, Legendary Tigerman).

In 2000 Victor moved to London, where he started a new band, the Parkinsons. For nearly 10 years Subway Riders just player only once (2007). During 2011, with some new elements and great friends, Pedro Chau (77, Blood Safari, Parkinsons) and Pedro Calhau (Bunnyranch) and also Augusto (Bunnyranch, Tiguana Bibles) joined Carlos and Victor and gave a concert at Sá da Bandeira - Porto. Then They decided to start playing more often, madness was still intact and likely to get worse.

Along with some floating band members, like Kalo (drums), Bruno Simões (theremin), João Pedro Viegas (sax) and other friends from Coimbra, they have played in several places , and the reactions to their music is usually as extreme as the music itself.

Webpage: http://www.facebook.com/subwayriders


- Carlos Subway
- Victor Torpedo
- Pedro Chau
- Pedro Calhau
- Augusto

- The greatest ever Rock’n’roll swindle, by night (1998)
- Live split w/ Fina Flor do Entulho (2014)
- Take me through Hell, for I deserve it (2014)
- Live EP (2014)
Very low-fi (2014)
- Corner Guy Original Soundtrack (2014)

- Guitar
- Bass
- Keyboard

- Drums

- Nothing to declare

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