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BRiEF DESCRIPTION : “The Boys Age” was an Japanese indie rock band formed by singer songwriter Kaznary Mutow and Takamasa Kobayashi in autumn sunny day 2010.

The band continues to draw experimental sound, Io-fi, romantic lyrics and instrumentation songs.

The Boys Age is a founder of independent music fun club or private label “Rye on the All Golden Music Company” (Label was started in summer 2012), based in Saitama, Japan.

Webpage: http://the-boys-age.tumblr.com/boysage


- Kaznary Mutow (Guitar, Vocal, Composer)
- Takamasa Kobayashi (Drums, Back Vocal)

- Coo (2013)
- A Day of Soft and Wet + Welcome Back (2013)
- Fake Gold (2013)
- Faceless (2012)
- Deskpoet (2012)

- Drums

- Nothing to declare

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