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BRIEF DESCRIPTION : The Idiot Society are Idiot Queen (Dawn Mendonca) and Bill Rivers. Formed the band in 2009 after becoming aware and fall in love with the solo work that each developed. Since then the main ambition of both have been searching through experimentation of a very particular and unusual sound and addictive at the same time as the Pop.

Zorba The Buddha part 1 explores the absurd, the grotesque and the divine with a look into the private world of mundane characters, their personality and environment, with humor, compassion and sometimes contempt. Always focusing on energy projects that each character in the world and its reflection in others.

Webpage: http://billrivers1.bandcamp.com/


- Dawn Mendonça (The Idiot Queen)
- Bill Rivers

- Zorba the Buddha Part 1 (2014)
- Skin Gods (2013)
- Moving Still (2011)
- A moment (2009)

- Digital programing
- Acoustic guitar
- voice

Nothing to declare

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