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Walter Benjamin and João Correia are old friends. They both played together in an incredibly famous band called Goodbye Toulouse and they usually fight over cigarettes. In 2008, after releasing his first album, The National Crisis, Walter Benjamin invited João Correia to be his drummer and they have been playing together ever since. They share the stage with the portuguese singer Márcia.

João Correia is, together with guitar hero Bruno Pernadas, the mind behind the band Julie & the Carjackers. After releasing their first EP, the world was happy to learn about their incredible and irresistible songs and Correia's great voice. He is a very busy musician, playing in too many obscure bands such as Tape Junk, Suzie;s Velvet, Saumik and some rather annoying funk bands.

He is, according to many people, the best drummer standing on face of the earth.

Walter Benjamin is a songwriter living in London. He released an album called The National Crisis (Merzbau) and a couple of EP's. He toured around his home country and his greatest career achievement was travelling to Zurich just to play his 3 chord song The cannonball at the dadaist centre Cabaret Voltaire. He was also a member of the indie band Jesus, the Misunderstood and has recently produced Marcia's debut album. He was the one that phoned João Correia to inform him about Mitch Mitchell's death.

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