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BRiEF DESCRIPTION : Yesterday is the solo project of Pedro Augusto, from Leiria. Writes songs since he can remember, but only started recording them since 1999 - and always at home.

Has made several live performances, including Las Vegas (at the Palms hotel), Córdoba (Spain), Lisbon (S. Jorge Cinema, Santiago Alquimista, Fábrica da Pólvora, Museu Nacional de Etnologia), Porto ( FNAC, Teatro Sá da Bandeira); Leiria ( Fade in Festival 2004 and 2012), Coimbra...

Was the winner of the 2006 edition of Termómetro Unplugged festival, participated in the 2012 compilation CD "Novos Talentos FNAC 2012" and, in that same year, was also the winner of the "Jovens Criadores" prize.

Has recorded four albuns that have never been released: WARning (2001); Once upon a forest (2002); Colder Hands (2004); Eu Já Cá Estive Antes (2009). 2011 marks his return with the recording of "You Are The Harvest", that he has been presenting live since May, 2012.

Webpage: http://projectyesterday.wordpress.com

- Pedro Augusto

- You Are The Harvest (2013)
- Eu Já Cá Estive Antes (2009)
- Colder Hands (2004)
- Once upon a forest (2002)
- WARning (2001)

- Electro acustic Fender
- Melodica Hohner
- Boss BR-600
- Mic Shure SM58

- Nothing to declare

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