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Born in Ehime in 1978. Finished her master degree of musicology study in a music design course of Kunitachi College of Music in 2002. From her student time till now, she creates the tape works using Max/MSP, the works for voice and woodwind instruments, and percussion instruments in1999, her work was selected by the international computer music meeting (ICMC) in Beijing.
She had received big influence from Masami Akita's performance at OFF-ICMC in Berlin, and started to do live performances. Now she's expanding the width of activity like to collaborate with the theaters, dances and other artists.

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- Yukiko Ito (aka Cokiyu)

Time Travel (1980 and 2003 about her) (2004)
- Mirrot Flake

- PowerBookG4+Max/MSP and Digital Performer

- 08.09.02 Live @ Gallery Le deco in Shibuya
- 20.09.02 'ICMC2002' in Sweden
- 26.10.02 Live @ Tsuyama-jo in Okayama
- 24.11.02 'Design Festa vol.6' at Ariake Big Site
- 05.12.02 'air-poket'at Grifon() in Higashinakano
- 25.06.03 'Shimu Kami Fusen' (the play) @ Gallery Le deco in Shibuya
- 14.06.03 'Several Particle Sound Waves' @ Loop Line in Sendagaya
- 15.08.03 'The Competition of The Directors' the drama: 'Doors House'
- 06.03.04 Resonance FM 'As' in London

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