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- Renato Freitas (a.k.a. Lizzy's Husband) brings us "Violent Stomach" the first release of 2015. Stay tuned and play it loud!


- Possibly the last release of this year comes to us from the south of Portuga. Cañon Club (Daniel Almeira and Nuno Murta) bring us an epic journey through the world of pop(ular) science fiction with this Epic # 1 in Alien / Symbiotic / Machine Language.ecid.


- José Valente decided to join his old recordings and compiles them into "Circumstances" EP, Then he offer these 4 songs to MiMi Records netlabel for make a release on the internet.


- They traveled for 2 years and are back for one more day contributing in a safe harbor, MiMi Records. The pirate chief Takao Seto of
Pistol Jazz returns with "Bootleg Vol 3 - way to the nirvana", an EP full of jazz and modern hypno-rock improvisation.


- Taka Sakai (aka The Other Morning Call) launched in 2013 with Nurie Orchestra his first split on MiMi Records. One year has gone and TOMC decides to return for a new release "Live at 3331 Arts Chiyoda", an EP played in a gallery of the Japanese capital.


- Today we've a two releases...
The first one is a debut from the land of the Rising Sun. Terukuni Makino is an unconditional fan of computer games from the 80s and this is quite evident in his EP "Our brillant town".

- The second one is a coming back. Luis Carreto (a.k.a. likeicare) this time decides to make a soundtrack titled "Arquivo210" and fell within the fictional universe of Commander Serralves.


- Dawn Mendonca (The Idiot Queen) returns to MiMi Records for another edition. The Idiot Society is its project with Bill Rivers. This unição born the fourth album of this unique duo titled "Zorba The Buddha part 1".


- The lolicore power duo Napkin Terrorizer are back. "Around Tokyo" is their new record with the unmistakable Lolicore style.


- The mythical band Subway Riders with 25 years of existence and without any rehearsal joins to MiMi Records family.
"Corner Guy OST" is an album composed by the band leader Carlos Subway for the 3 short movies qith the same title.
To listen in loop!


- Another newcomer in your favorite record label. Junya Nishimura, presents itself to the world with this "Vanish EP", an environmental record that sounds really good.


- On election day, our vote goes to "Dare" the new EP from Gobi Bear, the prodigal son who returns home two years later.


- Another noise release, but this time we flew to our little rectangle. "Noise from Portugal vol. 1" is the first volume in a series of 3 dedicated to extreme music that is practiced in the land of CR7.


- After some time in silence, we return with another edition from the Land of the Rising Sun. "Botatsu" is the first EP released by the hands of sui generis Japanese haiiyuuko on MiMi Records.


- Welcome to 2014 and here's the first release of the year with a newcommer. ykymr comes from Japan and brings us "We were Seeing The Sea Beyond The Fog", a very interesting drone ambient EP.


- Lizzy's Husband is the latest instrumental / environmental / experimental project created by Renato Freitas (a-k-a Bruce Buckley) in early 2013. "A Loud Silence" is his first album after released some mixtapes.


- EIEN is the latest artist to belong to MiMi Records family and "untitled ambient bgm works" is his first work. Dark synths and ethereal keyboards style that reminds Boards of Canada.


- Another "new" project inMiMi Records catalog. illplaygirl is a band formed by Priscilla Devesa (ex-Anarchicks) and Bruno Sobral of Tsunamiz.

"illplaygirl EP" is a record to listen and dance ...


- We're back from vacation ... Now it's time to release new artists and music on MiMi Records. Vicente-Marjamäki is a new portuguese duo and brings us "Alternate Translations", an album that explore electronica with a little taste of dub.

A must listen in loop even on rainy days ...


- Assumed fans of Yo La Tengo ,
The Boys Age debut with "Coo", their first EP in a record label after they have already in their curriculum 4 homemade releases.


- Enleio is the moniker of Vítor Almeida, a newcomer to MiMi Records netlabel. For his first release he brings us "The Shape of Things to Come", an eletronica 4 track EP.


- Another freshman from the Land of The Rising Sun. Kasahara Shunichi brings us "Tender is the nighr" his new EP full of misterious beats.


- Nearly three years after released "Birds", the EP most downloaded on MiMi Records catalog, Alektronick is back with his new EP titled "Liberez Le Monde", where he invited two friends to remix the main theme.


- New freshmen in double dose. First we've the split EP "Nocturnal Water" for japanese projects
The Other Morning Call and Nurie Orchestra and then the EP "Paralyzed" from Dyman, a name already known to the portuguese Dark Ambient lovers.


- After his debut on the Loxodromia 200 compilation, likeicare returns with "CTRL EP", his first EP on MiMi Records.

lonesome panda society (aka Kokoro Shiota) brings us his first EP "Ending and beginning", a collection of songs recorded in his bedroom.


- Another new artist in MiMi Records catalog. From the sushi land Yusaku Harada arrives with his cozy electronica in his second album titled "2011".


- Two new releases and two new freshmen on MiMi Records. And two indie projects from Portugal.

Yesterday a project with credits already recognized int the portuguese indie scene and brings us his fifth album "You Are The Harvest".

Homem em Catarse brings his indiefolk album namesake, "Man on Catharsis".

Pay atention to these two names, because they will be very talked in this 2013.


- Welcome to the world of Lolicore.
Napkin Terrorizer brings us the almost smallest release ever made on MiMi Records. "Soil Market EP" is an EP to all otaku and Akihabara fans. Recommended!!!


- Ovdk is back for a brand new release after 6 years of silence. "Order of III" is the third release of Ryuta k. project on MiMi Records. This new release in an intense headphone listening album. Must listen!!!


- Here's the first release of 2013.

Kubik, one of the most important names of portuguese electronic music is back with "Music for Trevor Reznik", an EP crafted from fragmented electronics - could serve as the soundtrack for a crazed movie played in the head of Trevor Reznik.


- It's Christma time, so MiMi Records offers you two new beautiful releases to celebrate these holidays.

Sara Santos (a.k.a.
Bird paradigma ) debuts on MiMi Records with her first noise EP "Aesthetics of nothingness" and Stereoboy returns with "Bettlebum (blur cover)", a super cute cover from the british band Blur.

Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year!!!


- Two releases for this early December. And just for the records this month will be great... we promisse you.

Augen debuts on MiMi Records with his first EP "Kawaii" and Luis Antero returns with "4 Villages vol. 3", the penultimate volume of 4 releases of a series dedicated to 4 portuguese villages.


- After having made his appearance in MiMi Records 200th release, BHASM presents "Pars Compacta ', an EP for fans of Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin.


- MiMi Records new love is Rarareruri and came to us with her ankles weak. This "Weak Ankles" is a delicious "strange" EP of indietronica.


- After several months in Portugal we are now back to Japan.

Pistol Jazz is back, with "Bootleg vol.2 ~pirate of the land of rising sun~", a new EP full of improvised jazz and hypno-rock.


- Two hundred discs ... a long journey of nearly 10 years of existence ... "Loxodromia 200" (portuguese word for Rhumb line) is a compilation of national projects that sail the seas of electonica.

A disc that commemorates the 200 editions of MiMi Records. An excellent hard to find new routes of national electronic music.


- Stereoboy arrives at MiMi Record after having sold out his cdr edition released by cãoceito earlier this year.

So MiMi and Stereoboy dediced to make a new digital version of "éme", which includes an extra theme involving Emanuel Botelho of Sensible Soccers.


- "live at the Art Party" is a live recording in Coimbra with the sextet led by the japanese contrabassist Maresuke Okamoto during its passage through Portugal.


- Another rookie on MiMi Records. Miguel Gonçalves (a.k.a Flydende Indsprøjtning) brings us a little Scandinavian cold with his first release Fri.


- Fundido is the new moniker of João Ricardo. Now is back with "topic of cancer", a noise/metal album like the old times in his cult band Gangrena.

There is also a new lady in MiMi Records family. Solange Palmeira release her second EP. "Alface" (lit. lettuce) is an EP of 4 beautiful sad songs.


- More two releases from Portugal. César Lima is back witn a new alter-ego clima and Dawn Mendonça (a.k.a idiot queen) arrives with her first and homonimus release.


- The prodigal Son always return home, so once again Luis Antero, also known as out level is back with "from the field # 3" for the next release at MiMi Records.


- Today is RECORD STORE DAY, so Mimi Records decide to participate by offering a new release from an artist coming of the Land of the Rising Sun.

aym is back and she brings her second album titled "kodomodamashi", an album of beautiful dreampop.


- The MiMi Records releases "4 Aldeias Vol 2" by Luis Antero is the continuation of their travels in the most hidden places of our Portugal .


- Gobi Bear is now back with his long-term. There are 12 beautiful themes that reminds us bands like Bon Iver and José González. not score, and "LP EP" is full of them.


- We returned to Portugal with two new projects of experimental music in the catalog of MiMi Records.

nemraca (Carmen Serralva) brings us an album inspired by the book by Manuel Gonçalves Ferreira "A realidade dos factos". P.R.E.C. is a contemporary music project in a electro-acoustic approach by Paulo Chagas



ARTIST: Lizzy's Husband
TITLE: Violent Stomach
TYPE: Album
GENRE: Experimental


ARTIST: Cañon Club
TITLE: Epic #1
TYPE: Album
GENRE: Experimental


ARTIST: José Valente
TITLE: Circunstâncias


ARTIST: Pistol Jazz
TITLE: Bootleg vol. 3

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